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Rigid High Speed Door


Rigid high speed door is widely applied in the industrial, commercial area such as food, medicine clean workshop and logistics storage, cold storage, and subway, bank, underground garage and so on. The door insulation, high efficiency, environment protection, wind resistant, high sealed, suitable for the area of high frequent, high speed open.

Main features:
1. Nice appearance
2. Contamination control , improved sanitation, pests can not pass through.
3. High sealed , insulation, energy saving , reduce noise . dust-proof,
4. Additional security , no others can pass though except the authorized person
5. Light weight , high strength, high wind resistant to 12 grade .

Main technical parameter:
1. Size : Max width:6000mm, Max. height:6000mm
2. Curtain run speed : 0.8-2.5m/s
3. Curtain material : 40mm roll form foam panel , 40mm alu. extrusion foam panel , 22mm alu. extrusion panel .
4. Quality alu. cast hige and qualilty PVC anti-run out rollers, designed by European safety standard .
5. Bottom profile is equipped with rubber seal. with good seal for uneven ground.
6. Vision window aor full vision window are available in the curtain.
7. High seals in the tracks and high seal curtain with rubber between every curtain panel.
8. Spiral circle tracks to be sure the low noise and protect the curtain panel.
9. High quality special motor, with control station , PLC . inverter, encoder, with the power failure rod.
10. Security: Radar sensor, photocell are standard .
11. Optional control model: Loop Sensor, wall switch, Remote control etc.

1. According to different request and head room , the circular spiral lifting , oval spiral lifting , low headroom lifting , vertical lifting are available .
2. For industrial super large opening door, then professional engineer inspect and guide whole installation.

Curtain panels
40mm alu. extrusion panel
with foam filled for doors
40mm alu. roll form panel
with foam filled for doors
22mm alu. extrusion panel
for doors<3.5mts*4mts


Alu. casting hinges and PVC rollers                                    Spiral tracks

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