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We are an professional agent of several leading manufacture of many kinds steel coil in Yongkang, we ‘d like to provide custom made service to you according to your different requests .

Our Primary Competitive Advantages

Product Features
Quality Approvals
Custom made Service
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Coil Coatings are high performance liquid coatings applied to metal strip before it is formed (pre-painting). super-superior weathering, corrosion resistance and ultra-resistant to pollution, can withstand extreme climatic conditions, free from the impact of ultraviolet light and temperature, and more Other coating not fade, can be protected for many fresh new look。
Coil coating paints are applied to continuous steel or aluminum strip in a range of colors cured in seconds and re-coiled for delivery to the user. The strip must then be cut and formed without damaging the finish. The process reduces environmental impact as it applies paint with little waste, usually burning solvents to provide energy for curing the paint. End-users of coil-coated metal do not need environmentally demanding pre-treatment and paint plants.

Galvanized steel coil (HDGC)
Our products are produced by advanced production line which employs radiation hot-dipped galvanizing process (America lron &Steel Unite Co. method),. The production line uses advanced non-oxidation burner and
surface finishing and leveling process,as well as process which ensure
the product in conformity with customers' requirements on mechanical properties and surface quality. it can manufacture galvanized steel rolls in specifications of width in 800mm~1250mm and thickness in 0.15mm~1.2mm,
and double-faced zinc thickness of 70~180g/m2.
Our galvanized plate uses quality full hard rolled steel sheet from Baosteel as base material,which has good weather-proof property and adhesiveness, and the product can meet the application requirements in buildings,electrical appliances,floor decks,civil galvanization,etc.

Color coated steel coil (PPGI)
Our color-coated steel roll are produced by advanced production line
imported from America AB Corp,control technology and equipment
imported from British CT Corp,and Control net communication technology.
it is able to process coated steel rolls in different colors and specifications
of width of 800m~1250mm,and thickness of 0.2~1.2mm as
percustomer's requirement.
In addition to adopting quality base material from Baosteel,Our color-
coated steelare made with mature technical process,precision
equipment,excellent organic coating and advanced automation control
system. The products have excellent cold-bending mouldability,good corrosion-resistance,good corrosion-resistance,good weather-proof property and can give good decorative effect,and they are widely used in steel structure buildings,purified workshops,thermal insulation projects,indoor decoration and manufacture of household appliances

Color coated aluminum coil
Material: aluminum alloy sheet coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF)
and polyester resin (PE) roasting painting
Usage: make for aluminum composite panel or other building and
decoration materials
Surface finish: treated with PVDF and PE resin rolling roasting coating
Surface coating thickness: 30um
Aluminum alloy sheet thickness: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm,
0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
Light weight, flat surface and high strength
All kinds of colors are available
Standard: according to GB/T 17748-1999 standard

Into line
Plays into line attached to the surface cleaning aluminum volume pressure of a rolling process of rolling pressure lubricants, oils and fats Anti-oxidation and the role of various dirt and remove the silicon, magnesium, copper and other impurities in the aluminum surface of the Precipitation. Selection of the German company Henkels high-quality chemical raw materials and technology for aluminum processing volumes into the surface, the surface of the aluminum volumes dense honeycomb-like structure of coating, paint and aluminum volume through the intermediary of this closely together, Has a good adhesion.

1. Vol-→ 2. Brush skim → 3. skim in the water → 4. And in the handling → 5. Coating into → 6. Drying → 7. Quality Inspection → 8 winding → 9. Packaging

Coating line
Precision Painting is the line into the aluminum volumes required by customers all kinds of coating paint. Painting companies adopting international advanced precision reverse Guntu three-roll machine, in a closed and dust-free status under the Precision Painting, coating thickness and coating appearance of good quality control, temperature control oven baking in four areas, The coating of solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility met the best. Has a good gloss, adhesion and corrosion resistance.

1. Vol-→ 2. First coating → 3. A bake → 4. The second coating→ 5. Second bake → 6. Cooling reservoir materials → 7. Quality Inspection → 8. Winding → 9. recheck → 10. Packing



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