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Dafayard is a leading manufacturer of production line of doors and shutters such as sectional overhead doors, steel roller shutter slat , guide rail , security door frame, roof panel in China. To ensure the production of high quality products that can meet the various quality requirements of all our valued customers, Dafayard have equipped advanced equipments such as CNC Lathe, CNC milling machine, and other high-precision processing equipments.
During the past few years, we passed and had been approved for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate, We remain committed to the full implementation of "Zero Defect" Quality Management, enforcing high and efficient quality control with respect to the supply of our products, production techniques, quality inspection, excellent and satisfactory after-sales services for all our customers. 
We export various roll forming machine and related machines more than 25 countries and regions worldwide. As the pioneer and manufacturer of roll forming machines, We will continue to improve the quality of our products and services and develop new innovative ideas to keep pace with the current trend in high-end technology in this field; all in the bid to satisfy our valued customers' requirements.
We warmly welcome friends and all those interested in our products and services to visit our factory in Yongkang, China.

Roller shutter production line

Steel slat of fire shutter roll-forming machine
We supply steel fire slat in many design including curve , flat , see through slat and double wall slat with insulated core etc.

Foaming filled slat roll-forming machine 

We have successfully supplied 55mm ,77mm ,90mm foaming filled slat to more than 25 countries so far.

Sectional overhead door production line

Sectional door panel roll-forming machine
We have successfully supplied 7 designs finger protection and rebate or other design door panel roll forming machines to our clients.

Embossing machine

The machine is applied in sectional overhead doors.
The embossing machine is consist of stipple or wooden grain rollers and press machine .
We custom made it in roller O.D and length according to clients’ request .
Our machine has larruping Six advantage:
1. Reliable frame without any distortion.
2. High loading capacity,jumbo size bearing and accurate position to avoid easy abrasion.
3. Upper/bottom roller is installed on the same position to enable accurate register.
4. Alloy steel adopted to strength its rigidity and toughness
5. Exquisite heating process to make rigidity of roller can reach HRC58-62
6. High-strength wearable gears ensures accurate contraposition for upper/bottom rollers.

Guide rails and tracks roll-forming machine
All design Guide rails for roller shutters
All design tracks for sectional doors

Horizontal track machine
It the answer to get the Horizontal track for sectional doors

Foaming moulding table

The machine is applied in sectional overhead doors.
The high quality foaming moulding table with outstanding performance with high efficiency , resistance of tensile force , excellent rate of capacity and price . Pls. refer to the following detailed introduction to know more . It is consist of t Frame system ,tmpearture control system , operation system ,
Frame systems: Specially design, strong and resistance
of tensile force, reasonable structure , convenient maintenance , 16mm thickness steel sheet .
Temperature control system :Equipped with heaters in the two sides of the foaming jig as a pre-heater to automatically keep machine in a designed temperature .
Operation systems: Equipped with a set assistant springs ( motor is optional).to drive the upper cover through a set cables .Then the upper panel is easy to be operated (open and close), not to heavy. 
Equipped with a set adjustable hinges , then the thickness of door panel can be adjusted from 35mm -55mm. Equipped with a set device of buckles,  It apply to buckle two panels to resist the tensile force of foaming and produce level and high density PU product.

Hydraulic press machine for raised and field design

The machine is the answer to get the Raised and field panel effect.
Applications & features:
Its operation is easy with two-cartridge valve in hydraulic system and a PLC in electric system.
With advantages of high idle speed and adjustable blank-holding force, it is your ideal equipment to draw the sheet metal.


Security door frame roll-forming machine 
Dafayard door frame roll forming machine can produce various door frame products.


Wall and roof panel roll-forming machine 
Main Features of Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine:
Dafayard Roof panel roll forming machine, adopting roll forming method, can produce beautiful appearance, strong panels which are extensively used in roof construction or outdoor decoration. This type of machine possesses advanced and innovative technology that can provide convenient roller change. This type can be equipped with PLC control and touch screen.

Press brake machine
Main Features
Equipped with top-brand electric control systems and seal systems of oil hydraulic in German
Complete steel welded structure, stress elimination by vibration, outstanding mechanical strength and rigidity.
Hydraulic up-drive with superior stabilization and reliability
With mechanical block, torsional axis synchronization and high accuracy
The distance of back-gauge, upper slide block distance of travel are adjusted by electrical control, manual tuning and displayed digitally (using German counter).
Equipped with a deflection compensation device on the upper die .
Travel limit protection.
Full machine guarding with safety interlocker.

Press machine

It is a universal machine for blanking, punching, piercing, cutting, bending, shallow drewing, forming and other operations. It has stroke adjustment device on the crankshaft. Such device can be easily adjusted and works reliably. The stroke of the sliding block can be changed through the adjustment of the device so as to meet the requirements of different technological processes.



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