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Your right options
—Dafayard roller shutters

Whether you’re a homeowner , a contractor or an architect ,Dafayard roller shutters are an optimal option of a comfortable and modern building in accordance with the European standards. Roller shutter systems offer safety , anti-burglar and protection for house owners , let all family feel calm and peaceful. Comfort, reliability and stability are associated with roller shutters. Roller shutter designs are a proven burglary deterrent.
Roller shutter systems can match any architectural style and commercial uses and be built in a variety of designs. Roller shutter systems can be installed at the stage of construction as well as after the house has been built. Dafayard roller shutters will make your splendid and respectable apartment, house or office look still better.  If we compare old-fashioned shutters or stationary bars with roller shutters, you will find that roller shutter looks more aesthetically beautiful and modern. Roller shutters can be lifted at any time so that you can enjoy watching the surrounding world with no barriers in sight. We can also offer you rolling grills, lightly movable and dynamic systems, that provide a beautiful outer appearance of the shop front windows and reliable protection of the exhibited valuables at the same time.
The main material rolling systems are made of is aluminum. It has a number of advantages: ecological safety, resistance to corrosion, UV- rays and precipitation. Aluminum alloys retain their high strength properties at low temperatures. Years after they have been installed, Dafayard shutters will look new due to a reliable polymer coating.

Attractive features such as home security , weather protection ……
Dafayard roller shutters will reliably protect your valuables and help prevent a break-in. When you are not in, the shutters will assure the safety of your house or apartment, protect windows from stones or other things thrown at them.
Completely or partially closed, shutters prevent unsolicited peeping. When it is dark outside, closed shutters will make your house or apartment cozier.
As for the fire protection, roller shutter is an ideal substitute for bars. It can be quickly opened from inside providing evacuation of people and valuables. Motorized shutters can be connected to fire detectors and will rise automatically upon receiving alarm signal. Electric motors can be equipped with a manual emergency system.
Security shutters also provide a barrier against high and low temperatures. They can help you maintain the temperature in your home and reduce your reliance on heating or air conditioning. In addition, roller shutters can also shade a home and provide sun protection. Considerable energy savings in cold seasons. When properly installed, shutters can reduce the possible loss of heat (heating energy) by 50%.
Sun and heat protection in summer: room can be partially or completely darkened. The room temperature remains normal. The energy needed for fans and air-condition systems is saved.
Shutters will effectively cut off your house from unwanted street sounds at night. The effect attained may reach 15 dB. Babies will not be disturbed in their rooms when they are asleep.
At Dafayard, quality is our number one priority, but aesthetics are also a top concern. We have implemented many innovations to help ensure that the Dafayard roller shutter line enhances a home’s appearance rather than detracting from it.
Shutters do not require special maintenance, can be easily cleaned and washed. The Dafayard systems will operate smoothly for years.
As a leading manufacturer of profiles, components and drives for rolling systems in China. We hope that high quality Dafayard roller shutter systems will fulfill your expectation.

Drives and control
Dafayard offers a wide range of drivers to operate roller shutter systems - from various hand operators to modern motors up-dated with a number of "smart" functions.
Manual operators (strap, rope, cord, manual crank and gear) are best applicable in buildings with several windows of small or average size.
Electrical motors are very convenient in private houses, offices and buildings with a large number of windows. All you have to do is press one button to automatically open or close one or several shutters in one room, at one stage or in the whole building. It is convenient for owners and security personnel.
You can control the shutters right from the armchair, continuing to watch your favorite program on TV. Or still lying in bed in the morning, you can let the sunshine in to your bedroom. Remote control is comfortable and reliable.
Alongside with standard switches, we also offer restricted access control systems. For example, electronic coded locks with microchip keys, key lock switches and remote control systems.
Roller shutters can be opened and closed at any desired time of the day. The timers will open security systems in the morning and close them upon dusk falling. They will let your indoor flowers and plants enjoy the sunshine, and create the effect of being in.
If required, the control unit can be programmed to roll down the shutters automatically in case of strong wind or heavy rain. They will protect your windows against dust and moisture. Smart sensors will take the responsibility of controlling weather conditions.

Dafayard offers a wide choice of roller shutter profiles ranging from 32 mm up to 120 mm including foaming filled slat , aluminum extrusion slat , steel slat etc.

Dafayard offer a wide and full series components in accordance with the European standards. Such as box housing , end caps, side guide rail , bottom rail, safety block device , caps for Oct. tube.

Our Customer Service representatives are prepared to provide any details about technical characteristics of the profiles to help the Customer make his needs and budget .
Meanwhile , we offer colors customized solutions for Extruded profiles as well as boxes and caps and side guide rail under a minimum quantity request .

Assembly options
Dafayard can offer you various roller shutter assembly options taking into consideration specific architecture of the building. Shutter boxes can be installed right into the window openings and be mounted on the external or internal surface of the walls.

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